THURSDAY 22. - Thursday 29. OCT.

at 12:00 - 19:00


Odd Nerdrum • Turid Spildo • Thorvald Lund-Hansen




On Friday 30 October, the art and culture tent at TBS Gallery closes for the 2020 season. Despite an unusual season, influenced by the Covid 19 Pandemic, we can look back on several successful events with a total of many thousands of visitors.

The play "Immanuel Kant's last days" written by Odd Nerdrum was a "smash hit" - with a full tent on all five performances! Consulting director Christian Hivju together with Aftur Spildo, the main character Per Christian Ellefsen and the other actors made the play a masterpiece!

The exhibition "Anne Tone Thorshaug and the Secret Art School" under the direction of Tommy Sørbø, and Turid Gyllenhammars' exhibition "Nuova Vita" was also well received with many hundreds of visitors in total.

A number of private events, including under the auspices of "Civilization", were also very successful!

We are now ending the tent season with a "Sales Exhibition" for Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik where Odd Nerdrum, Turid Spildo and Thorvald Lund-Hansen will also be represented.

Photo: Frank Holm & Per Magne Dalen