Bok skrevet av Odd Nerdrum

How we fool each other

kr 348

Three dialogues about fraud, betrayal and deception. Between people in the art world and in a future Iceland where Jesus meets Mohammed. Should we trust someone? Can we believe that our loved ones want us well? Odd Nerdrum's three dialogues take us past the brushstrokes and into where the painter's spirit is nourished. THE SLEEP WALKER: A description of how the producer is fooled by those who do not produce. MARLOWE: When the criteria lapse, talent becomes an enemy. AFTER ARMAGEDDON: In the world of the future, the two religions will find each other, become one story. Iceland must be liberated by Norway because the population there is animistic. Everyone gets tricked in the end. The kitsch painter Odd Nerdrum was born in Sweden in 1944. This is his fifth book.

Format: Hardcover
Published: 2007
Publisher: Juritzen publishing house
Language: Bokmål
ISBN: 9788282050128
Sides: 309
Subject: Betrayal

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