Boken Immanuel Kants siste dager

The last days of Immanuel Kant

kr 199

Witty and uncompromising about the consequences of Kant. With Immanuel Kant's last days, Odd Nerdrum makes his debut as a fiction writer. The play is a biting and sharp portrait of one of the spiritual fathers of modern times. uncompromisingly, Kant's encounter with his own philosophy in his last days is depicted. an encounter with a future he has helped to create, and which has grown into a monster. Readable, witty and important. with Immanuel Kant's last days, Odd Nerdrum shows a completely different side of his talent. and as always it is not possible to be indifferent to him.

Format: Hardcover
Published: 2003
Publisher: Gyldendal
Language: Bokmål
ISBN: 9788205323407
Sides: 83
Subject: Philosophy

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