Boken Kunstnerliv

Artist life portraits of Norwegian contemporary artists

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Artist life - portraits of Norwegian contemporary artists' focus are on both the artistry and the life course of the individual artist in order to get closer to the person behind the art. Never before has such a comprehensive documentary book with life stories and photo portraits of Norwegian, living visual artists been published. In this project you get to know 19 unique voices, which say something about the diversity in Norwegian art life today: Sverre Bjertnæs, Håkon Bleken, Kenneth Blom, Frank Brunner, Lars Elling, Jan Groth, Liv Heier, Håvard Homstvedt, Svein Johansen, Anki King, Ida Lorentzen, Thorvald Lund-Hansen, Hilde Mæhlum, Martine Poppe, Vebjørn Sand, Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik, Ingeborg Stana, Marie Storaas and Elisabeth Werp.

The book is written by Anne Marit Muri

Format: Hardcover
Published: 2009
Publisher: Wad / Muri
Language: Bokmål
ISBN: 9788230339282
Sides: 395
Subject: Art
photographer: Bjørn Wad




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