Magasinet Sivilisasjonen
Magasinet Sivilisasjonen

The magazine Civilization

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This is the first issue of the magazine Civilization. Nearly a hundred pages with thought-provoking and inspiring content in a beautiful and exclusive design. In Civilization you can read about eternal cultural values and philosophical questions.

Civilization is an arena for the edifying forces of society - the classical culture and the self-thinking man. The first edition of Civilization contains exclusive in-depth interviews with cultural figures such as playwright Kristofer Hivju, sculptor Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik, painter Molly Judd and designer Eline Dragesund.

The civilized reader is also taken in philosophical deep dives through the texts of thinkers such as Sir Roger Scruton and Einar Duenger Bøhn, who address eternal questions such as what constitutes a civilization and what is the meaning of life. Also read about the winner of the Civilization Prize, the classic wind that blows over the architectural environment, and the path choice of the young painting talent William Heimdal. Everything - and more - in the first edition of Civilization.

The magazine is printed on the highest quality paper to give the best experience of the many pictures that adorn the magazine - many of the paintings and sculptures that are depicted have never been in print before!

The content of Civilization is written on the principle that it is as relevant in a hundred years as it is today - in other words, the themes are the eternally human.

Cover illustration: "Raskolnikov" (2019) by Molly Judd.

Editors: Carl Korsnes (editor-in-chief), Aftur Nerdrum (editor), Julie Brundtland (magazine and photo editor), Isak Hærem (literature editor), Bork S. Nerdrum (web director), Julie Eugenie Tennes, Dag August Schmedling Dramer, Zjenja Amundsen and Adara Ryum.

Published: 2020
Language: Bokmål
ISBN: 9788251625555
Sides: 98
Subject: Cultural values and philosophical questions

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