Welcome to the book launch at TBS Gallery

Oscars gate 23, Monday 22 August at 18.00


ARCHITECTURE and PLACE – from rebellion to settlement


A book for those who are concerned about the environment to live with
A book that gives many strong reasons for architectural rebellion.

- Where did the Norwegian building custom become?
- Why will many architects strongly dislike this book?
- Is there a reason why it looks the way it does in our built environment?
- When brutal buildings get on our nerves
- The high block - cool for those at the top, a nuisance for many
- What kind of buildings do we get when money alone rules?
- Which houses are worth saving?
- What can we learn from the activists?
- Give people on site a say in the team

ARCHITECTURAL RESPONSE has QR codes that eventually take you further in these topics: 
The cultural landscape   The footprints   The forces of capital   Adaptation   Tradition   Material use   Ideologies   Organic    Break in style   Conservation   The human mind   High-rise building    The activists    Environmental policy    Power architecture    Architectural fashion   Participation

Allgrøn Okkenhaug Forlag – ISBN 978-82-7762-005-3 

There will be an opportunity to buy the book at a special price of NOK. NOK 200 (Normal price NOK 298)



ulf.andenaes@gmail.com Tel: 992 29 368

Ulf Andenæs

Ulf Andenæs was educated as a historian in Oslo and Oxford. Journalist by profession, worked for a long time at Aftenposten, particularly in the foreign affairs department and with politics and culture, was a correspondent in London, Vienna and Washington, has led the political editorial and debate editorial in the newspaper; has here at home covered building customs, housing issues and our surroundings, contributed in Bonytt to the article series 

"Norwegian building custom - heritage, uniqueness and renewal", was previously responsible for the culture pages in Morgenbladet. Has been a board member of the Oslo Akershus Memorial Association and previously participated in the editorial board for the magazine Fortidsvern.

Matter of the heart:

 "The noble trinity, which belongs together for eternity - nature conservation, environmental protection and cultural conservation".

erling@okkenhaug.com Tel: 920 92 522

Publisher and editor Erling Okkenhaug

Through the network Allgrønn (www.allgronn.org/) has been an activist for respectful local development since 1989. It has mostly been a fight against superiority and unwillingness. But also with the occasional victory. There have been quite a few at the barricades. It is therefore with great satisfaction that we have experienced in recent years that the popular commitment to architecture and local development has escalated. Especially among younger people. This is not least due to the great pressure from the "ARCHITECTURAL REBELLION" in social media. And with it greater interest from the established media and professional circles
(Facebook over 30,000 followers - Instagram over 66,000 followers - as of July 2022).

Matters of the heart:

"Sustaining power - Sustainability - Location power - Action power"

Stiftelsen Fritt Ord, Bergesenstiftelsen and the Norwegian Association of Non-fiction Writers and Translators have contributed financially to the implementation of this book and communication project. Allgrøn's work has
over the years has been supported by Petter Olsen, the Bergesenstiftelsen and Fredensborg.