The horses are traveling

The horses at Aker Brygge and Filippstadkaia

The Landing. Into The Future. Challenges Ahead.

The three horse sculptures – two at Aker Brygge (The Landing and Into the Future), and one at Fillipstadkaia (Challenges Ahead) – are part of a symbolic work. The latest in this series is Full Control, which can be found at TBS Gallery, in the garden in front of the Main House.

Forming a coherent series, the horses are, in many ways, Skjølsvik’s counterpart to Munch’s celebrated Frieze of Life. Skjølsvik rarely names his works, but in this project he recognised that titles were a way of reinforcing the message he wished to convey. Life is full of challenges that have to be tackled or else remain unresolved. Throughout his artistic career, Skjølsvik has seen the beauty inherent in difficulty – but rather than wallow in negativity, he prefers to focus on the glimmers of hope. Throughout history and across cultures, horses have always been symbols of strength and beauty.

Skjølsvik’s equine sculptures span a wide range of subjects. Vesleblakken, at Øvre Rendalen and Nasjonalmuseet, is a dependable workhorse trotting along, while Rex Rodney, at the Forus racecourse in Stavanger, has the look of a winner. The Vesleblakken prize, which recognises outstanding acts of altruism, is named after the equine hero of Jacob Breda Bull’s much-loved story, first published in 1891. Recipients have included Médecins Sans Frontières in 2007 and Dr Per Fugelli in 2016. 

Limited-edition, numbered miniatures of Skjølsvik’s horse sculptures are available to purchase at TBS Gallery.

Challenges Ahead, The Landing and Into the Future are intended as touring exhibits. After their first outing in Oslo, they will gallop off to pastures new.