The Gallery in Angvik




Photo: Angvik Eiendom

About 70 km from Kristiansund and 50 km from Molde, Angvik Gamle Handelssted is a historic trading-post community that is now home to a hotel, museum, community centre and spa. The restored buildings are centred on the old barrel works and the longhouse dating from 1884. Galleriet Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik, in the village square, features a permanent exhibition of works by the artist. Visitors can enjoy a comprehensive selection of Skjølsvik’s works and follow the evolution of his art through drawings, paintings and sculptures. In this way, we are continuing the tradition of preserving the entire oeuvre of significant Norwegian artists and safeguarding important parts of our cultural heritage for future generations.

This cultural heritage project is backed by the entrepreneur Stig O. Jacobsen, who owns the hotel in partnership with Erik Berg. Jacobsen is delighted to honour the artistic achievements of a local boy – Skjølsvik’s family on his father’s side came from the farm of the same name near Angvik.

The heritage centre also houses Museet Handelshuset Angvik, a museum telling the family story of John and Gurianna Angvik, who lived here and ran the trading post in the late 19th century. The family made a large contribution to the local community in social and economic terms. Twelve of John and Gurianna’s children went on to set up their own businesses in the Nordmøre region, in fields as diverse as commerce, manufacturing, shipping and power generation. Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik’s distinctive bronze sculptures can be found in several places across Møre og Romsdal, highlighting various facets of local industry and culture. Salt Cod Woman in Kristiansund has become the town’s symbol. Herring Girl in Ålesund recalls the toils of women in the old days, while Gunnar the Church Builder at Tingvoll celebrates medieval architecture. The bust of Jens and Petrine Ekornes in Sykkylven is a monument to one of Norway’s leading families in the manufacturing sector, and at the football stadium in Ålesund, Skjølsvik has immortalised John Arne Riise in the act of kicking the ball. Riise is probably the youngest person in Norway to have been honoured in sculpture. In 2003 one of Skjølsvik’s most beautiful and most compelling sculptures was unveiled at Rosenlunden in Kristiansund: a memorial to the town’s Jewish community.

Galleriet Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik at Angvik is an exciting addition to the nationwide network of galleries devoted to the work of Norwegian artists.