Civilization's Poetry Day

A renaissance for classical poetry in bound form is in the offing. It's time to celebrate poetry and the winners of Civilization's Poetry Contest!

Civilization invites to Poetry Day at TBS Gallery on 7 May at 13.
The event will be the poetic highlight of the year. The winners of the Civilization's annual poetry competition will be celebrated, the winning poems will be read out and the Civilization will offer several cultural features. Participants from the hall will also have the opportunity to perform poetry on stage. The jury for the annual poetry competition has consisted of Håvard Rem, Bertrand Besigye - as well as the winner of last year's competition, Erlend Skjetne. On Civilization Poetry Day, we also take the opportunity to celebrate the winners of the Civilization Prize. The event is chaired by Sivilisajonen's editor Carl Korsnes and poetry manager Öde Nerdrum.
Welcome to an unforgettable spring day in Homansbyen!
Read more about Civilization's poetry competition here:…/var-tids-viktigste…/


The event starts at 1 pm outdoors in the garden of TBS Gallery in Oscars gt, 23. Duration approx. 1-2 hours.
Entry NOK NOK 100 (to be paid at the entrance)