Skjølsvik in the media

Skjølsvik in the media

Northug paa sokkel

Sculpture by Northug & #8211;

He will give Northug eternal life on the shelf Petter Northug will have eternal life on the shelf. The artist Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik does not yet fully know whether the skier will have the poles in the air, or on the slopes, but is sure that the statue will be characterized by speed. - I have also made a statue of Oddvar Brå. Then I suddenly got a call about that

Trump skulptur av Skjølsvik

Trump's World & #8211; TV2

TRUMP'S WORLD - TV2 In connection with Skjølsvik making a 4 meter high sculpture of Trump, he is interviewed by Per Magne Dalen. How much does he think about Trump and how is it received that he works with sculptures of the president? >> Go to 20:40 on the timeline to see the feature about Skjølsvik (at the very end of the episode). SEE

The Arctic Ocean and Petter S. Brandal & #8211;

Ishavskjerringa and Petter S. Brandal - The story behind the sealers, Ishavskjerringa and Peder S. Brandal on The villagers take good care of the history and identity. Brandal on Sunnmøre was itself the "Arctic Ocean village" at the time seal hunting was a large Norwegian industry. In every home there is a memory from Vestisen and other hunting grounds. Enthusiasts have now saved the last of the Arctic ships from

Flytting av stor skulptur

Øvrevoll for Aker Brygge & #8211; Our Oslo

From Øvrevoll to Aker Brygge Into The Future «gallops» from Øvrevoll gallop track to Aker Brygge. One sculpture is five times larger than a normal horse. Therefore, the move from Øvrevoll gallop track to Aker Brygge was a complicated affair. - One horse sculpture weighs three tons. It is the ears that are the highest point, says Brynjar Moe in TBS Gallery. - When we

Opened cultural center in Homansbyen & #8211; Capital

OPENED CULTURAL CENTER IN HOMANSBYEN - CAPITAL - I hope this will be a multicultural cultural center for hidden and forgotten artists in various genres, says Color Line owner Olav Nils Sunde, one of the initiators behind the newly opened TBS Gallery in Oslo. TBS Gallery was opened on 19 May by Mayor Marianne Borgen with several hundred invited guests. The gallery is named after the initials of Sundes

Atelier i Torggata

Gatebarnas Far & #8211; Our Oslo

The father of street children - he with the huge heart for those at the bottom He took the matter into his own hands and contacted some of the major suppliers of groceries, made packed lunches with his wife and drove it down to the drug addicts, homeless and other disadvantaged. - Did I forget my cap here, Tore Bjørn? He suddenly stands there, grinning at the end

Bilde av inisiativtaker Lene Tangevald-Jensen

A place without prejudice

A place without prejudice In Oscarsgate in Oslo, you enter a classic figurative oasis in the middle of central Oslo. In the front yard you are greeted by a large rider on horseback in an active position. The horse has the forelegs in the air. The showroom is friendly and well utilized with sculptures in small and large sizes placed along the wall or in the middle of the room.

NRK Dagsrevyen - Skjølsvik lager Solskær

Sunshine sculpture & #8211; NRK Day Review

SUNSHIRE SCULPTURE - NRK DAY REVIEW The sports review has interviewed Tore Bjørn about the Sun Shear sculpture he is working on. He has become a fan at the age of 79 and the dream is that it will come to Old Trafford. Kristiansund's mayor thinks Solsjær should get his place in Kristiansund. SEE VIEW ON NRK.NO

Utvandrermonumentet i Kvinesdal sentrum

The expatriate monument in Kvinesdal & #8211; Visit Norway

The Emigrant Monument in Kvinesdal - Visit Norway The Emigrant Monument in the center of Kvinesdal was erected in 2002 in memory of all those who emigrated to the USA from Sørlandet. The emigration from Norway to the USA started in 1825 with Cleng Peerson and 51 other emigrants who crossed over with the brig «Restaurationen». At first, the emigration was modest from Sørlandet, but from about 1890 it shot