Utstilling med Turid Gyllenhammar

Sep 24 - Oct 11

Turid Gyllenhammar - Nuova Vita

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Sunday 11 October 13:00

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Turid Gyllenhammar is a Norwegian visual artist and sculptor born in 1957. Turid has in recent years concentrated her work on sculpture, and is currently carrying out the project "Nuova Vita" which she is working on at Studio Sem in Italy and Nøtterøy in Norway. With this project, Turid wants to shed light on girls' need for protection in the world today.


About Nuova Vita

The child and specifically the girls' position in a global perspective is a theme that has always interested Gyllenhammar from the very first embroideries, where both the role of mother and the female identity associated with the home sphere are expressed. In the publication "Tiden det tar" (2008) you can follow Turid's development from painting to installation with embroidery on sails and canvas, as well as photography. Themes such as motherhood, rights, puberty and women's dignity are a recurring theme in art. The goal of the Nuova Vita project is to shed light on girls' rights in a global perspective. I imagine that the dress sculptures will eventually form a small army, each with its own history and identity. The repetitive girl dress motif insists on the innocence and childhood that must be allowed to occupy a place in all societies.

Photo: Maren CH Gyllenhammar, Adele Gyllenhammar and Turid Gyllenhammar