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Love you and yours!

I, Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen, would like to warmly welcome the launch of my new book at Oktober publishing house; EXISTENCES, Tuesday 30 August at 18 00. TBS Gallery Oscarsgt 23.
I will read a bit from the book and otherwise have a conversation with Vigdis Hjorth.
It was therefore time for a notorious lyricist and metaphorist, sanguine and choleric to go all the way as a prose writer and essayist, in the span between the past and imagined future, both as a jokester and a serious man. Fourteen lives passed through, though not without some rhyming verses; but what was up and what will be down? And vice versa? And what is personal and what is political? Fourteen essays in the issue, then, the same number of steps as in the "Penrose Staircase" on the book's cover. A staircase of impossibility, but also a staircase of opportunity? The undersigned will discuss the book with Vigdis Hjorth.
NB: musical/lyrical prologue and epilogue
by the author and musician Edvard Askeland
Best regards
Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen

Entrance: Free
Tuesday 30 Aug. At 18.00 at Oscars gate 23.