2019 - Europas kunst og kulturhistorie på 1-2-3

2019 - Europe's art and cultural history on 1-2-3

Course over three days

October 15-22 and 29 at TBS Gallery

  • Do you plan to start studying art history?
  • Or are you wondering what Europe is?
  • Do you want to have something to hit the table with when the cultural elite discusses the isms of exhibition openings?
  • Do you like to create things, but want to see how others have made it through history?
  • Or are you curious about what people who have lived before us created and thought?
Through three entertaining and educational double lessons at the TBS Gallery in Oslo, the art historian, public enlightenment and author Tommy Sørbø takes us on a journey into European art and cultural history from antiquity to today.

"Europe's Art and Cultural History on 1-2-3" works just as well for beginners as for advanced and is an offering for those who want to refresh art history.

"Europe's Art and Cultural History of 1,2,3" is a course that Tommy Sørbø already held in Porsgrunn in the spring of 2019, and which he received many requests to hold elsewhere in the country. We are now pleased that Tommy Sørbø is coming to TBS Gallery October 15, 22 and 29 and will be holding the course with us. In three evenings, you can follow lectures / performances / infotainments, with content that has both substance, entertainment value, and it does not require extensive background knowledge. For almost thirty years, historians, idea historians, social anthropologists and art historians have deconstructed large parts of art and cultural history, not least the European one. They have questioned everything from the traditional epochs and the view of quality to the notion that there is a unique European civilization. Much of this has given rise to interesting discussions of principles, but the idea that everything is connected to everything has at the same time made it difficult to delineate the substance in time and space. This is especially true for all those who want a decent and readable, but at the same time new and updated overview of precisely European art and culture. Indeed, globalization and the increase in immigration do not only work in the way that we recognize ourselves in the other and vice versa, but also in that we are confronted with our own values through each other's differences. Values that many have taken for so long that they no longer have a conscious relationship with them. This course is aimed not just at professionals, but anyone who is curious about the topic and who until now may have been afraid to feel, or at least show, pride in the culture they are part of. But, of course, it could also be an offer to those who want to know more about the culture to which they are integrated. Based on five, six works of art from each era, the story of art, society, culture, theology and philosophy is told. Emphasis is placed on characteristics such as the dynamics of European culture, cultivating the individual and curiosity about other cultures. The selection must be read as a canon, although the unwillingness to embody the pattern and openness of other cultures is paradoxically one of the most important characteristics of this culture.


Tuesday, Oct 15 kl. 18.00 to 20.00 Tuesday, Oct 22 18.00 to 20.00 Tuesday, Oct 29 18.00 to 20.00 



Total for three nights: kr. 750, -


TBS Gallery, Oscars gt. 23, 0352 Oslo. Mob. 938 66 935