2019 - VITSEN MED KUNSTEN av og med Tommy Sørbø

2019 - THE JOKE WITH THE ART by and with Tommy Sørbø

Tommy Sørbø

Friday 16th and Saturday 17th August

VITSEN WITH THE ART - is a tragicomic standup / edutainment show about art and artists by and with Tommy Sørbø.

What's the point of the art? Art is beauty and insight, but also vanity and power. Few know more about this than the art historian, author and humorist Tommy Sørbø, who has been teaching art for over thirty years.

In "The Joke with Art," he digs into the question of what art is, while revealing secrets from an art world so absurd and involuntarily comical that you would think it belongs in a madhouse or in a joke.

The joke of art is an entertaining, laughable and educational hour for all those who do not understand why a mound is only a mound when lying along the roadside, but a work of art when lying on the floor of a gallery.